New England contest heats up

THE race for the federal seat of New England has taken another unlikely twist, with former Glen Innes man and motivational speaker Jamie McIntyre throwing his hat into the ring.

Mr McIntyre, who has been openly critical of Mr Windsor, intends to launch a new political party so he can run in the election.

The 21st Century Australia Party would attempt a drastic overhaul of the nation’s political system, which would include eradicating state governments, scrapping compulsory voting, allowing the public to vote directly on national issues and for an independent board to decide on government spending rather than politicians.

Mr McIntyre said there needed to be a sweeping of an “out-dated political system”.

“The 21st Century Australia Party would overhaul an out-dated nineteenth century political system that needs to be modernised for the 21st Century,” he said.

“Tony Windsor should do the honourable thing and resign; just as Prime Minister Gillard should for putting such a bad government in power.”

When he isn’t running for political office, Mr McIntyre is a motivational speaker.

The self-made millionaire, who is bringing former Terminator and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the country in June, is believed likely to attract younger voters.

Queensland MP Bob Katter has indicated he will also be canvassing for someone to run for the seat of New England.

“We will ensure we have a candidate in every electorate, but New England will certainly be a focus,” Mr Katter said.

“I’m sure the people of New England can relate to some of our views and policies, especially compared to the National Party,” he said.

Senator Barnaby Joyce and David Gregory have put their hands up for the National’s pre-selection for New England.

NSW Nationals Chairman Niall Blair endorsed the two Nationals candidates, indicating it was not about who won pre-selection but how they were going to oust the current regime. 

“This pre-selection will give the people of New England a strong local alternative to three more years of Labor, the Greens and the Independents.” Mr Blair said.

Mr Blair said that the pre-selection meeting would be held in Tamworth on Saturday, April 13 with almost 1,000 local members eligible to participate in the voting process.

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