Pyjama Day at Tenterfield Pre-school highlights need to find asthma cure

Tenterfield Preschool put asthma awareness under the spotlight this week, with staff and children mixing things up by wearing their pyjamas all day and having breakfast at lunchtime.

Preschool director Kerryn de Jonge (better known as dJ) said the children are being told how asthma is a breathing disease, and their gold coin donation is going towards helping scientists discover a cure. Pyjama ‘day’ is running all week so children who attend on different days can all be reached.

dJ said the disease appears to be becoming more prevalent, but unusually the centre doesn’t have any children with severe asthma at the moment.

Children received a treat with a choice of cereals and hot breakfast items at lunchtime, including a spread of chipolatas, french toast and even yoghurt and icecream. Earlier on in the week the kids even got some experience in ordering off a menu (with photos to illustrate the menu items). The novelty, however, resulted in over-ordering with eyes much bigger than preschooler bellies, so a smorgasbord approach ends the week. 


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