People who give will never be poor

Yolande Soper.

Yolande Soper.

Generosity is just one small word but a word with life-changing impact. To many of us it's just a word but to the broken who are offered generosity it is healing, to the hungry it is nourishing, to the lonely it is companionship, to the distressed it brings comfort, to the confused it brings peace, to the sick it brings support. Generosity flows into a person’s life in ways we could never imagine. I want to say how proud I am of the people of Tenterfield, for the town is full of generous people. When the chips are down the people of Tenterfield rally together to help and support each other. The generous spirit of our town fills me with pride and awe. Gods word says that he loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

Generous people make our life and world a better place to exist in. Not only does our giving help the receiver but it blesses the giver. Giving improves the life of the giver. Studies have shown that giving increases our fulfilment, gives purpose and makes us happier. We were not designed to be takers but instead givers. We were designed to seek and give happiness.

Our lives find great significance in choosing to help others. It increases our happiness. If the studies are correct people of Tenterfield should be amongst some of the happiest people around.

Generous people realise that we cannot solve all the problems of the world, but if we can change one life or help one person it is reward enough. Every society is improved and nourished by those who cheerfully give to make the life of another easier. In their desire to give they in turn are blessed and find a deep sense of fulfilment. If it is true what they say that "People who give will never be poor”, how rich are those who cheerfully give.

Henry Longfellow says," Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think." Thank you people of Tenterfield for your kindness and generous spirit, the way that you give of your time, talents, resources and money blesses our town and those in our town who need kindness shown to them. You really can never know the impact of your generous spirit. Any act of kindness is never wasted. God blesses your kindness. So I want to encourage you all to continue to keep living out a life of generosity, for you may never know the impact you have made on our town or on the life of an individual.

Yolande and Joel Soper, Tenterfield Salvos – Community of Hope


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