Jesus – man, God or both?

Has anyone ever seen the movie Chocolat? It’s pleasant entertainment set in a small French town.  When a single woman and her daughter move there and open a chocolate shop, tensions begin to rise among the religious stalwarts. The moment I particularly want to mention is the scene in church on Easter Sunday.  Up until this time, the very emotionally troubled and religious Mayor (whose wife has left him) has not only been writing the sermons for the young catholic priest but he’s also been schooling him in how to deliver them.  The Mayor, believing chocolate to be a temptation from the devil, goes to the chocolate shop after hours in order to destroy the entire product.  In the process, a piece of chocolate falls on his lip and after tasting it, he abandons all resistance and gorges himself upon the delicacies; eventually falling asleep in the display window with chocolate all over his face!  Once his indiscretions are discovered he sheepishly retreats from the scene. It’s so good to know that the Bible warns us not to judge anyone in respect of the food people eat or even the keeping of the Sabbath.  (Colossians 2) And because the Mayor hasn’t had time to prepare the Sunday sermon, the young priest has to wing it on his own.  The young priest begins the service by saying, ‘I don’t really want to speak about Christ’s resurrection today, nor his divinity; …. I want rather to focus on Christ’s humanity!’

Jim Seymour.

Jim Seymour.

Umm! Maybe the Mayor should have written his sermon after all!

Yes, it’s important to ponder Christ’s humanity, for indeed it is something to behold!  But to separate out Christ’s deity from His humanity loses ‘the punch’ God has always intended mankind to have of Jesus.

Friends, it’s not possible to speak of Christ’s humanity without speaking of His deity, for the two are inseparable.  Jesus was always fully God; yet from the moment of conception He became fully man as well!  In fact throughout eternity, Jesus will remain fully God and fully man!

Born supernaturally on the Jewish Feast Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago and soon to be removed from the earth supernaturally, this ‘invisible’ Church filled by the Spirit of God remains the only ‘faith vehicle’ whereby men and women everywhere can be saved.

Is that God calling you unto Himself right now?  I hope so! Whosoever calls (believes) upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved!  That’s God’s promise and you can take it to the bank! Be blessed!

Pastor Jim Seymour,


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