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Bypass moves up the queue

Your report in The Tenterfield Star Wednesday May 31 states that we have to wait our turn in the queue. Why should we have to wait? A heavy vehicle bypass of our town is a matter of urgency.

The town recently received funding to give our area a  “brand” that can be used in all our future marketing activities so the news can be spread to all to increase tourism to our town. This is great news.

But once they try to get here and then spend some time here, they have barriers put before them. 

Two of our major catchment areas for tourism are the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers area, which require having to drive substandard roads to get here. At least the Mt Lindsay is finally seeing some action. 

Then they have to put up with ever-increasing heavy vehicle traffic coming through our narrow main street day and night. The noise and the smell is overpowering. 

If we want to hold festivals in our main street, it is almost impossible, as everything is controlled by RMS.

The time is now for the community to take control of our main street. It is time to stop our valued visitors going home with a bad taste in their mouth.

The time is now for our state member and our federal member to continue the fight and keep the ball rolling.


Kevin Santin


Prioritise Australia

Recent articles in newspapers indicate an explosion of complaints about PM Turnbull’s version of the NBN.

Businesses are suffering and people are complaining of limited reliability, slow operations and frequent dropouts.

We saw how the NBN handled the census overload where it took weeks to enter the required data. The result was that the government decided not to punish people who were late or didn’t participate.

It’s unacceptable from someone who promised the cheaper version would be up to Labor’s expensive model’s standard.

Now we are hearing about a new business in Australia: Amazon. We are expected to believe this massive corporation will pay tax here and not in an offshore haven, like other American corporations that dodge their tax obligations. Nothing will change PM Malcolm; he should be looking after Australia NOT America.

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin

Story questionable

Regarding “Joyce too busy to make meeting”, I refer to the stories that appeared in a number of local papers regarding a requested meeting between local education representatives and me in Canberra.

The request for the meeting came directly from the Australian Education Union, an organisation with understandable ties to the Labor party. The assertion in the story that Ms Sowden, Mr Shaw and Mr Sciffer travelled to Canberra especially to meet me is questionable as they would have been in Canberra attending Education week events.

It would be questionable that anyone would travel to Canberra without confirmation of an appointment. I also understand there was no request for an alternate time.

The request was received on 12 May for the meeting on 26 May and after a review of my schedule during a busy parliamentary sitting week, I simply could not attend a meeting at that requested time.

My office informed the union representative of this on 19 May. I also suggested the representatives contact the Minister for Education to discuss issues relating to education, which I understand the union did, but surprisingly this meeting with the Minister was later cancelled by the union.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, recently spoke about increased funding for Tamworth’s Peel High School in Parliament which shows our increased funding for our Electorate is at the centre of Government.

New England is getting $422,763,500 more funding for schools over the next 10 years under the needs based Gonski funding supported by Professor David Gonski. This is the Gonski plan funded by prudent management by our Government.

The Labor plan is an unfunded wish.

The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP

Federal Member for New England Deputy

Prime Minister Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

Where is the good?

It can be hard to stay positive when there is so much bad news in the media. But I want to remind you that we can all make a difference.

At Red Cross we will never give up on the power of people helping people and bringing more good to the world.

We see good in the resilience of communities in NSW and QLD, as people recover from losing their homes and businesses after Cyclone Debbie. We see it in those reaching out to young people at risk, helping them turn their lives around. We also see it in places like Indonesia, where access to clean water and better nutrition is helping villagers secure a healthier future for their children. 

This June we’re asking you to bring more good to the world by helping a neighbour, volunteering or even doing a random act of kindness for a stranger.

A donation to Red Cross will also bring more good to the world. Through our programs, people who are lonely will receive a daily phone call, struggling families will be able to access nutritious food and those separated from loved ones in war can be reunited. Make a tax deductible donation to Red Cross before 30 June by visiting redcross.org.au/donatenow.

Jody Broun

Director, NSW and ACT, Australian Red Cross


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