Maths, lies or statistics?

Regarding the survey of rubbish bin use along  Mt Lindesay Rd, it would be simplest if the public report correctly summarised the bin survey results. 

For example, create two piles being "we use/utilise the bins (52)", and "we DO NOT use/utilise the bins (66)". Then split the "we do use/utilise the bins (52)" into a further two piles being do or DO NOT want the mandatory bins to continue.  But the numbers actually have to add up to 52.

Additional comments can be separately included in the report, which is after all, designed to assist our elected community representatives to set council policy.

Including the numbers reported in the agenda documents, the number who DO NOT want the bins to continue, is a verifiable number of 86 (26 DO NOT want the bins to continue + 66 DO NOT use/utilise the bins = 92) compared with 47 who have said they want the bins to continue beyond the current approved termination date of 30 June 2017.  

It would be unethical to presume those who didn't respond (155 - 119 = 36) fit into either group.  It is equally possible to assume these 36 ratepayers didn't respond, as they had no trust in the outcome reported to council and they support DO NOT continue the bins as the councillor felt they could support the continue group. These ratepayers did not respond and their numbers are excluded.

Lets not forget the other 68 ratepayers, who weren't surveyed, but who objected and/or were invalidly included in the original engineering estimates of 223 ratepayers.  223 was used to justify the introduction of the bin trial.  This emphasises the DO NOT continue numbers even further.

Tenterfield councillors, hopefully next survey your decisions are actioned and you get a mathematically correct and evidenced report on which to base your policy decisions. Whatever happened to a simple yes or no?

In this case please demonstrate council undertakings of "we're listening to you" and that a simple majority of survey responses would be the basis of council's decision.

Please vote to stop the mandatory Mt Lindesay Rd bin collection/s as at 30 June 2017.

C Jaques, Liston NSW


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