Forced to make decisions we’d rather not

Hugie McCowen, Christ Church Anglican

Hugie McCowen, Christ Church Anglican

Who really has the power?

Well me of course! I have the power to daily make decisions regarding my life.

I have the power to stand up for what is right and to defend the rights of others.

I have the power if I so choose to whoop it up in life, well at least until the money runs out.

To be honest though there are things which happen in life that cause me to question if I really have any power at all.

I continually find myself pushed along by the current of 21st century living where I and everyone else it seems has been drawn into a lifestyle which can be completely overwhelming.

How many conversations have you had where people lament about how busy life has become, how time seems to just fly by and what would we give for a bit of peace and quiet?

In saying that I also consider myself fortunate as I enjoy what I do and really like where I live.

These too are decisions I have made that are within my power.

It would appear at least on the surface of things that power is shared by many people and authorities.

History has proven over and over again that those who have power can both achieve and do great good in our world yet also sadly can bring great harm and tragedy into our world.

To sum up I could conclude that I do indeed have power over the decisions of my life but at times due to the stresses and unknowns of life I am forced to make decisions I would rather not have to make.

Sickness, accident, tragedy can all be unknowns that occur in our lives which can leave us feeling devastated and powerless.

Is there any power that can speak into these unknowns?

The bible claims God is a power that can speak into all of life including these unknowns! Two of my favourite parts of the bible when thinking about these things are found in Matthew 11:28-30 and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.

In these two Scriptures we read of the invitation to allow Jesus to carry our burdens on our behalf and to “fix” our eyes not on our current circumstances but on a good and faithful God who loves and cares for us no matter how yukky or messed up our circumstances might be.

Hugie McCowen

Christ Church Anglican


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