Be born again in the name of Jesus

More people than ever before use the name “Jesus” to curse with.  Many young people have no idea who Jesus is.  “Perhaps he’s a punk rocker or the president of some South American nation?”

Jim Seymour

Jim Seymour

Yet this is the name whereby God intends to save all mankind! 

I’ve just read the books ‘The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert’ and ‘Openness Unhindered’ by author Rosaria Butterfield.  They concern her journey with sexual identity and union with Christ!  As a university lecturer she believed herself to be an ‘overall good citizen’; yet her world was suddenly turned upside down by the notion that Christianity, a religion she had regarded as problematic and sometimes downright damaging, might just be right about who God is; even though this idea was likely to offend the people and causes she most loved! 

Her eventual conclusion; ‘Christianity is a supernatural faith and Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world!’   

In the gospel of John, Jesus says, ‘you have not chosen me but I have chosen you…. therefore love one another.  If the world hates you (because I have called you unto myself); understand that it hated me before it hated you.  If they persecuted me, they will persecute you!  And they will do these things to you because of my name; and because they have not known ‘him’ who sent me (down from heaven).  But when I send ‘the Comforter’ to you from God the Father, he will testify of me because ‘he is the Spirit of truth’.  I’m telling you these things so that you won’t become discouraged, for the days are coming when you will be attacked in your synagogues (and churches) and those who kill you will think that they are doing God a good service.  And they will do these things unto you for they have not known the Father, nor me!’

The natural ways of man can never know the spiritual things of God, for you see those things are spiritually discerned.  If you are not born again (and if you don’t understand what Jesus means when he says, ‘You must be born again!’; you are not yet born again!); then my prayer is for you to begin listening for God’s calling as did Rosaria Butterfield. 

And please don’t mock, for there is a day of reckoning coming; and it’s coming toward us like an out of control freight train…. yet somehow, I think you already know this to be true!

Pastor Jim Seymour


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