Knees and nils

Tia Campbell was one of two players stretchered off to hospital in the Ladies game against Ballandean.

Tia Campbell was one of two players stretchered off to hospital in the Ladies game against Ballandean.

With a clear sunny sky, and a sneaky breeze the Saturday soccer began at Ballandean. The second round to the competition and the top of the Ladies table were to lock heads today.

The usual order of proceedings began, with the Junior Colts unfortunately some of the Tenterfield Players were absent with this the first weekend of the NSW school holidays, and some players just tardy and turning up too late for their game.

With no reserves and still three players short, Ballandean were gracious enough to loan players so play went ahead. With goalie Deakin in place, the front line Emma, Luke and Brad took positions and the backline defence was Bella, Dylan and Annie-May with the midfield of David. Three of Ballandean’s players slipped in to complete the team.

Play was steady, and then with an almighty jolt things took off. Ballandean were making plays in Tenterfield’s half and scoring began.

Tenterfield put up some defensive moves, and Deakin saved some goals from happening, to relay the ball outfield for Tenterfield to return the plays in Ballandean’s half. Then they struck, and Tenterfield scored.

This match you could enjoy watching with an easy feeling of comradery between the teams. Half-time found Ballandean 6  Tenterfield 1.

Second half was still a steady flow of play, clean passes and some fast paced runs at goal, but overall more of a training run than a competition. Full-time found Ballandean the victors with Tenterfield scoring three goals on the day, with the Ballandean team mates involved in all the Tenterfield scoring plays, Good sports!

Next clash found the Ladies taking to the field. Play was rough, fast and at times dangerous, but the ladies were determined not to give anything away to the opposition.

Within minutes of the start of play Amanda went down in goal and had to be stretchered from the field. Amy Condrick took a tumble and a yellow card was given to a Ballandean player.

With only Emma (a junior) sitting on the bench, Tenterfield couldn’t afford anymore injuries. But the day was not even halfway yet.

Ellen had replaced Amanda in goal, and just after she had left in the ambulance Tia went down, hurting the opposite leg to Amanda. Tia had to be stretchered from the field also and half-time had not come yet.

Play continued with both junior players Sam Gower and Emma O’Brien being fielded for Tenterfield, and there was no more spare players. Coach Allana continued looking and fine-tuning her players’ positions, and the ladies just kept on making whatever opportunities they could to defend or attack.

The final score was nil-all and two Tenterfield players at Stanthorpe hospital with knee injuries.

The final match was the men’s and again Tenterfield had players away, calling on Thomas and Jack to fill in positions. (Luckily there was no Senior Colts on the day).

It was another hard and fast game with Josh Gower being yellow-carded for Tenterfield. With the finals not far away he will have to stay clean to be available and not benched.

Ballandean players were everywhere and Tenterfield tried to find holes in their defence,but Ballandean wouldn’t have it. Ballandean returned the favour but they too came up against a brick wall of defence.

The game was not without its share of players being hurt, but not needing the stretcher this time. The final score was 3-0.

The end of the day found players sitting enjoying refreshments and war stories, and the two returned from hospital with braces on knees and crutches. Good luck Ladies. Hope we see you not too far away from being back on the field of play, and until then enjoy the rest.


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