Strong commercial focus

Benelkay Poll Santas.
Benelkay Poll Santas.

Benelkay Poll Santa Gertrudis will offer 50 bulls at the sixth annual sale on September 6, at 1pm. Stud principals Andrew and Jules Orman, “Glenmore” 34km north-west of Mullaley, said their breeding program has maintained a commercial focus.

“We are all in the cattle industry to make money from beef and kilograms of beef per hectare is where producers get paid,” Mr Orman said.

This year’s sale team includes sons of: Sujo Firstclass (P), Warenda Furlong (P), Bullamakinka Dreamtime (P), Bullamakinka H82 (PS), Eidsvold Station Gavin (P), Benelkay Kluger (P) and Wave Hill Dapto (PS). 

“Our bulls are the end result, the cream of what we produce, out of our four hundred stud-cow breeding herd,” Mr Orman said. 

Clients Shaun and Jo McGuigan, Cree Santa Gertrudis, Thangool, Queensland said they have purchased two Benelkay bulls that sired 31 of their stud’s 76 sale bulls this year.

“It is a testament to the sale preparation that these bulls moved into a subtropical central Queensland climate with no noticeable let down,” Mr McGuigan said. “We consider the availability of performance data and dam history is of major importance.”

As well as all the normal information, the Benelkay Poll Santa Gertrudis sale bulls will have morphology and semen testing, scrotal measurements, current scans for eye muscle area, fat measurements and daily weight gain.

The bulls are backed by BreedPlan figures, as well as DNA testing for the poll  and horn gene to identify the homozygous poll (PP) bulls.

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