Beautiful Tenterfield

Letter to The Big Lift’s Tenterfield coordinator Kim Rhodes...

On behalf of The Big Lift I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for being so warm and welcoming to Tenterfield and hosting our group of 40 students.

We all loved seeing your beautiful town and getting to know some those that we worked with.

We really enjoyed the service projects that were put together for us and can not thank you enough for staying up so late and retuning very early again the next morning.

A massive thank you to the Showgrounds especially Matt and yourself for the logistics of having us there, accommodation, food, and opportunity to meet the mayor.

The beautiful Tenterfield books were adored and talked about all the way to Blackbutt. What a great souvenir!

We would all love to come back again without any hesitation in the future when we plan trips along your pathway again.

Tash Hawkins

The Big Lift

The enigma that is Bill

Bill Shorten is an enigma. He wants to hold a referendum to bring about an Australian republic at a cost of some $150 million but won’t support a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, which most Australians want. He also backs support for a federal government referendum on indigenous recognition.

Indigenous recognition is only tokenism that won’t resolve Aboriginal disadvantage but vandalise the Constitution and embed rights for Aboriginals not given to other Australians.

Bill is against negative gearing which will result in less rental properties. He wants to revisit the taxation system and create disparity between different economic groups in the country. As for renewable energy, his policies will lead to huge increases in electricity prices for all. I wonder who is advising Mr Shorten as his vision for a future Australia is one of hypocrisy and chaos.

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin