Remembering Brendan

Stanthorpe Inter captain Dan Davis receives the Brendan Sweetman Cup from Leighanne Sweetman at the conclusion of Saturday's game. Photo by Melinda Campbell.

Stanthorpe Inter captain Dan Davis receives the Brendan Sweetman Cup from Leighanne Sweetman at the conclusion of Saturday's game. Photo by Melinda Campbell.

Junior Colts took to the field with a renewed sense of responsibility for their soccer on Saturday, on the one day of the year both Tenterfield Thunders and the International Club from Stanthorpe are proud to be apart of: the Brenden Sweetman Trophy. Brendan had a big heart and his family  carries on with the same pride. The years may be passing but the honour of his love of soccer is carrying on regardless.

Both teams had some very strong attacks on one another’s goals, but standing tall and strong they managed to make it more about possession than the number of points on the board. Passing between both teams was clean and vigorous, but at times it was stolen or had the odd pass go astray from its nominated team mate. Good sports all round with no major upheavals in the game. Full time found International the victors.

Senior Colts from Tenterfield came out strong, but again the passing between players went at times aloft of the ones in the clear. Thunders were missing a couple of speedy players, with Aaron and Tia both out with injuries.

This left Deakin and Thomas trying to cover most of the field. Considering Deakin was in goal and out in the field the game before, that was not easy to do.

The defensive side of the Thunders was very stable with Dylan, Sam and Courtney all making a strong effort to keep the International side out. For the most part it worked even though Inter had some very strong male players forcing the issues.

Some good shots at goals were intercepted by Jacob on more than one occasion, proving his talent in goal is starting to evolve. Once again International took the trophy, Well done boys and girls.

(Ladies match report by coach Glenn Caisley) With a home major semi-final spot still in the balance, the Tenterfield Ladies only needed a draw to secure their second position on the ladder. International started the game with plenty of accurate passing and scrambling in front of the goals.

At times, it seemed as if the opposition had more than 11 players on the field with their compressed defence, which was impenetrable. The Thunder gradually found their feet and dealt with the blustery conditions to finally find the net.

Murraya Horan and Alana Condrick had a great 15-minute period where they combined with some one-two passes to beat International’s backline and bury four goals. Three goals to Horan and one to Condrick.

At the other end of the park, the Thunder’s defence led by captain Amy Condrick shut down the odd breakaway run and set the play to move forward again. At the break, Tenterfield held a comfortable 4-0 lead. 

After the half time briefing, the Thunder concentrated on getting better passes on the ground and attacking from a wider position. Within the first couple of minutes, Horan added to her goal tally bagging her fourth for the afternoon after some good lead up work in the midfield.

The final goal of the match was delivered into the top corner of the net by Courtney Moss, who was unlucky not to have scored in her previous attempts. The final scoreboard: Tenterfield-6, International-0.

Another solid victory by the Thunder who now face Ballandean at home this Saturday. The winner will claim the third round trophy and minor premiership.

In the Men’s time and time again Inter has taken on Thunders in some forceful and skilful matches, the only change on any given day being the winners. With some youthful players on the field for Thunders along with the more experienced and mature defensive mids, Thunders challenged the Inter boys with some passing plays. On more than one occasion strikers Tom and Josh just had inches to gain entry to International’s goal only to fail by that one millimetre. The mouth of Inter’s goal just wouldn’t accept the ball, it would pass on by, but the Thunders kept tapping away to try for the elusive goal.

On the flip side Inter managed to intercept the ball and make runs at Thunders’ goal, and again we had Stuey airborne flying at everything to stop the ball from finding the net. It worked on what seemed to be 101 occasions, but not the last two. Andrew proved his talents once again, that he has no fear of pain, ball or boots.

Next Saturday, August 12 is a home game for Tenterfield at Federation Oval, again facing Ballandean. The last clash saw two ladies taken to hospital, some Junior Colt players injured and some of the men certainly deserving a beer by the end of their game. This could be a pre-runner of grand final day – at least in the ladies –  so come and support the teams.

At the end of the day everyone will be heading to the Civic Centre in Stanthorpe to see who gets the awards for Football Stanthorpe.