Unanswered questions

Artificial intelligence had been much in the media of late, especially replacing drivers with driverless vehicles. Governments are going to have to come to grips with questions regarding insurance. Who will be responsible when an automated vehicle has an accident? Will insurance companies try and escape their liability because no human was at the wheel?

Consumers will have to know their rights and liability BEFORE they take on a driverless vehicle.  There are a lot of questions needing answers before people rush to the sale yards and buy a driverless contraption.

I hope folks consider carefully before buying these futuristic vehicles as an accident could be caused from something as simple as a loose battery terminal. Yes, indeed, regulators will have to come up with concrete answers to a host of question before swarms of these vehicles hit the roads.

Jay Nauss, Glen Aplin

Biting with a vengeance

The recent case of Barnaby Joyce who may be found to be a New Zealand citizen by virtue of his father’s nationality is a result of Australia being built up on the back of immigration.

Mind you, for many years people have been raising the issue of ‘foreign’ dual nationality of our politicians who in turn have treated this with a laissez faire attitude and the matter has now come back to bite them.

It seems that the only remedy is for the parliament to establish a commission to investigate the birth and potential citizenship of each member of Parliament – without exception – including whether a citizenship has been unknowingly transferred by a parent.

Rather than amending section 44 as has been proposed by some, it doesn’t take much for each future candidate standing for election to investigate and take steps to renounce a citizenship whether actual or implied prior to formalising his or her candidature.  If they don't want to do that and owe allegiance only to Australia, then they shouldn't stand for the  Australian parliament.

Philip Benwell

National Chair, Australian Monarchist League


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