Remote communication and monitoring solutions

Independent Communications will feature a range of products, including some from Uniden.
Independent Communications will feature a range of products, including some from Uniden.

Once again AgQuip draws near and Independent Communications will feature a range of products, including some from Uniden, which is celebrating 50 years.

Audioxtra area rep Peter Nicholson said he was excited to  announce that Uniden was launching the new UH5060VP at AgQuip 2017.

The  UH5060VP 5W mobile tuck-away unit comes with the AT850BK black 6.6dB spring base antenna along with a mounting bracket.

“Also featured will be the the premium Platinum UHF series along with many other exciting products,” Mr Nicholson said.

RFI who produce great antenna products will also be in attendance again this year.

Mark Crosland the company representative will be on hand, with a wealth of experience in RFI products will be able to provide expert advice. 

“An exciting product to hit the market is the Cel-fi GO Stationary Unit, a product of Powertec Telecommunications,” said Independent Communications spokesman Philip George. 

“This product has revolutionised the boosting of mobile phone reception in rural areas.

“This unit can be configured to improve mobile coverage for a variety of different applications from dongas to caravans, small marine vessels to houses.” 

“The CEl-fi GO Stationary unit will enhance your reception in an area where there is poor mobile phone signal, boosting this poor signal to 4/5 bars on your mobile phone,” he said.

“This unit provides coverage for custom applications being more flexible for advanced installations.”

Like the Cel-fi Go Stationary unit, Powertec also have the Cel-fi GO Mobile unit, using the same principals this unit is also designed to boost weak mobile phone signal whilst you are on the go.

“This unit is designed for use while travelling in vehicles from farm machinery to cars and trucks, this eliminates dropped or missed calls while you are on the move,” Mr George said.

“Our experienced team will be available to provide advice regarding these products during AgQuip 2017.”

After the field days, the team will be able to install either of these products by request and provide ongoing support relating to the product.

Pivotel is one of only four licensed mobile carriers in Australia, and the only licensed mobile carrier focused on mobile satellite services.

“We only provide carrier grade network services so you can be confident that your satellite services are reliable and secure,” he said.

“Pivotel has invested in protected direct interconnection with all major mobile satellite networks providing resilient, consistent mobile satellite services with lower latency, higher voice quality and flexible data connectivity options.”

Pivotel offers a range of remote solutions, from traditional satellite phones through to smartphone extenders, satellite data and remote work safety solutions plus EcoSphere for long range, secure video, data, tracking and monitoring.