Take in the beauty found in nature

Yolande Soper, Salvation Army

Yolande Soper, Salvation Army

Have you ever stopped to think about what a beautiful part of the world we live in at Tenterfield?

The change of season and the beautiful country side is just amazing.

As we travel back from Sydney, it's almost like we take a deep breath and soak the fresh air in.

We are truly blessed.

It's quite amazing when we stop and look at nature and study it.

I love the farmland and the animals.

I particularly love the peacock.

Have you ever noticed or looked closely at the peacock’s feathers?

They have these tiny crystal-like structures that reflect light in the most beautiful way.

There are many clever artists in our town, but when you consider how beautifully these birds have been made with these amazing structures in their feathers and colours that complement each other so beautifully we cannot help but be amazed.

I know when I look at the colours I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the bright fluorescent colours.

What amazes you in nature? A beautiful sunset, a brilliant star filled night sky, a fantastic show as a storm approaches, a faithful dog, a cute cat, a wild horse?

It is something that causes us to pause, take a breath and appreciate the world we live in.

You know God the creator made all these things for our pleasure.

To bring joy and hope to our lives.

In all of the beautiful things that he created did you realise that you are his most precious creation?

God's word tells us that we are of great value to God.

Do you feel loved and valued?

Do you believe that you were created for a purpose?

Next time things seem to be getting on top of you or you are feeling unloved look at a beautiful sunset or a star filled night and remember the God of the universe created these things to bring you joy and to express His love to you.

You are loved and valued for who you are more than you could ever realise.

Our prayer this week for you is that as you pause and take in the beauty found in nature around you that you will know that you are greatly loved and valued.

Yolande and Joel Soper,

Tenterfield Salvation Army – Community of Hope


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