Get sporty!

Your guide to contributing sports details and results

It’s been a huge sporting season for Tenterfield, but it’s that time of year when you put away one pair of sporting shoes and get out a different kind. This means that different sporting groups will now be seeking to get information about their sport out in the community.

If you are involved in a sporting group and would like to have your details and results included in the Tenterfield Star, there is now a quick and simple way to do this.

You can even do it straight from the sporting field from your phone!

To contribute your details or results, go to the website. Click on the red banner that says: Results: Photos: Events. Then click on the sports results icon.

This will take you to a form which will ask you to type in a series of answers:

  • The name of the sport
  • The name of the club or association
  • The name of the competition or division
  • The date of the competition
  • Any story description
  • Results.

When you have filled in these answers (you can cut and paste from another document if you already have these written down somewhere else), just hit submit.

Your submission will then go directly to our contributed content journalists who compile the sporting details and results for New England.

You will need to get your results and details in at least two days before the date of publication.

Your regular contributions to the sports section of the Tenterfield Star help keep our newspaper local and that’s what we are striving for.

We want to showcase the sporting achievements of our residents and are appreciative of the information you provide.

If you have any problems with the form or questions about sporting details, contact Marie Low on 0438 287 074 or send an email to, or Simon Bourke  on 0428 556 246, email