Rock ‘n’ roll reunion

Class of 1960.
Class of 1960.

A group of former students of Tenterfield High School is in the throes of organising what they are billing as potentially the most unusual and exciting class get-together ever held in Tenterfield.

Titled The Class of ‘55 Rock’n’Roll Reunion, the event aims to gather classmates from Sir Henry Parkes Memorial Public School’s fourth class of 1955 and its progression through to Tenterfield High School Third Year of 1960.

Group spokesperson Bill Morrison said the first unique aspect of the reunion is that it traces the rise and fall of 50’s rock’n’roll, from the ‘55 explosion of  Rock Around The Clock to the virtual disappearance by 1960 of the key original rock performers.

St Joseph's counterparts are encouraged to join in.

St Joseph's counterparts are encouraged to join in.

The second unusual feature is the inclusion of those students who attended corresponding years and classes at Tenterfield’s St Joseph’s Primary School.

The reunion will be held over the first weekend in November.

“After almost 60 years it’s likely to be the last opportunity for most of us to catch up with old friends, but also to explore the many positive changes that have taken place around Tenterfield in the interim, namely the wineries, show gardens, museums and galleries,” Mr Morrison said.

Former students and their partners can register their interest by emailing Mr Morrison at or by calling (07) 5548 6378. He would appreciate early responses, to enable the confirmation of venue and catering arrangements. 


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