Sapphire Wind Farm nears threshold for local stake-holding

The company behind Sapphire Wind Farm says it’s nearly got enough commitment from local people for a scheme for local investment to go ahead.

It said three weeks ago that people would need to commit a total of three million dollars to the wind farm being built between Glen Innes and Inverell for local investment to be allowed.  It now says that $2.5 million has been pledged but that was after only a week of opening the offer.

 “I’m very excited by the response that we have received from the community so far,” said Taryn Lane from Akin Consulting which is advising CWP, the company behind the wind farm. 

“The fact that $2.5 million has already been pledged, with just 150 surveys completed in the first week, is a strong indication of the level of interest.”

At the beginning of September, she made presentations about public participation at a series of public meetings in Glen Innes, Inverell, Moree, Tamworth and Armidale. 

A return of five per cent was promised.  “This is a very safe investment”, she said

CWP is insisting that each person promise to put in at least $5,000.  No upper limit has been published. There would have to be at total of $3 million pledged before a “Public Investment Vehicle” could be set up.  .

Sapphire Wind Farm is the biggest wind farm under construction in New South Wales.  It’s meant to start generating electricity at the end of the year and when it’s fully up and running next year, it would provide enough electricity to power 115,000 homes.  Much of the output has already been bought by the Australian Capital Territory.  

Local investors would have no control over the wind farm. 

There are schemes in Europe where local people have a substantial stake and at least one scheme in Australia which is run by a cooperative of local people, albeit with a tiny wind farm compared with Sapphire.

This story Public interest in wind investment first appeared on Glen Innes Examiner.