Works of art to inspire

Behold this striking collection, that’s either art-inspired, or worthy of hanging on your wall.

Palm Springs spoons, $45. Takes you back to that tropical holiday every time you make a  cup or tea.

Peace & Love nude kimono sleeve embellished maxi dress, $360.95. Too beautiful to leave in your wardrobe, wear it as often as your can.

Noyah lipstick, $34.95. Why not have a splash of floral art decorate your lipstick casing.

Eiffel scissors, $14.99. Akin to a gigantic pair of scissors? You’ll never look at the Eiffel Tower quite the same again.

Teardrop with conical vase, $55. A creative way of displaying a small spring posey.

Martine sterling boutique cushion, $69.95. A bit of bling made from beading and sequins, in an artful fishscale pattern.

Tabletop melting clock, $26.95. Inspired by Salvador Dali’s work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, this clock looks like it leaped straight out of the surrealist painting.

Caldera basin, $1495. Once you’ve invested in this piece, don’t be surprised if your guests take a little longer in the bathroom.

Joseph Joseph garlic rocker, $34.95. As simple as it is stylish, kitchen gadgets don’t normally come with design cred.

Balinero Sneaker $189.95. Embroidered squiggles give this classic shoe design an artistic twist.

Crompton Lunix pendant, $120. Lighting design has been pushing design boundaries for a long time, but it’s not always this affordable.

Ceramic dog bowl, from $24.95. Part of a range of pet accessories featuring indigenous artwork by Pauline Napangradii Gallagher. Will launch next Sunday on October 1.

101 chair, $4500. Designed by Helen Kontouris, the chair was recently inducted into the permanent collection of contemporary furniture at Melbourne’s NGV.

Loqi reusable shopping bag, $17.95. Carry a picture of Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ wherever you go.