Gardens weather a windy month

The flower show was held at the Memorial Hall in Tenterfield on September 9 and it all went well. It was a good show considering the weather, with cold dry winds and frosty mornings for weeks up to the day.

In bloom: Exhibits from the Spring Flower Show.

In bloom: Exhibits from the Spring Flower Show.

We were a bit low on the on cut flower exhibits but made up for it in other areas with the  floral art pedestals and a design with a vintage car which was popular. This married up with    the Tenterfield Vintage Car Club visiting. We also had a visit from the Red Hat Tulips – these ladies are fun and happy, dressed in their best red hats.

Remember to do lots of watering with this dry windy weather. The white butterfly or moth is also on the prowl. Trees in blossom in Tenterfield are showing off their beauty. Irises, anemones, ranunculus , camellias, daisies, tulips, and poppies are performing.

Useful hint: use honey and vegemite in your garden. Dip a cutting into one of these and plant. Honey seems to be better.