Rock 'n' roll dance classes

There’s one more chance to brush up your jitterbug before the big rock ‘n’ roll school reunion on November 4 and 5. Regular rock ‘n’ roll dance classes are held on the squash courts at the Tenterfield Golf Club each Saturday afternoon from 2pm.

Instructor Phyllus Jones said although it’s odd that the classes have ended up on the squash courts after several relocations, it has actually all worked out for the best.

“The floor is really good, and we’re all contained on the court,” she said.

The classes have welcomed a few new faces, and returning regulars like Jenny and Kevin Santin have progressed onto the intermediate level and are impressing with their improving skills.

Mrs Jones would love to see more people take up the hobby, not only to boost numbers and create more opportunities for socials and trips, but also take advantage of the personal benefits.

“It’s so good for your health, physically and mentally,” she said.

“So many people say that don’t have the skills and ‘I’ll just sit and watch’, but with a few skills they can join in with confidence.”

Mrs Jones said men especially tend to be more reluctant to get involved because they feel they’re too embarrassed, too shy or too old.

“You’re never too old, and it’s good fun, and you get to meet new people. People often say to me ‘I wish I could dance like that’. Well, you can.”

Mrs Jones said part of the fun is dressing up in vintage gear, and local hairdresser Unique Ambiance has come on board and is keen to style victory rolls and beehives for special occasions.

If Mrs Jones has anything to do with it, upcoming special occasions could include demonstrations at the next Show ‘n’ Shine and at September’s Peter Allen Festival.


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