Tenterfield Horticulture Society

All our gardens and the surrounding areas of Tenterfield are a stunning shade, and there’s plently of green grass in the paddocks due to the much needed rain. More coming according to weather charts.

In saying that my irises don't like too much water and wind and look a bit sad roses.

Azaleas, rhododendrons, daisies, most shrubs, pansy petunias etc have all started to bloom.  There are also plenty lots of weeds. Sugar cane spread around your gardens and trees can help with the weeds and moisture.

Azaleas, rhododendrons, daisies, most shrubs, pansy petunias etc have all started to bloom.

There are some amazing pretty gardens in Logan and Douglas streets. They are a picture of spring flowers.

Our veggies are all going well hope we don't get a late frost.

We had a visit to Charlie and Dorothy Cox open garden this month, not many of us could attend due to people's agenda, family, and sickness the ones that went enjoyed it even though it was a 40 degree Lismore day. We congratulated them on winning a reserve champion for the best garden in the Richmond area

Dahlias and gladioli lilliams are starting to grow for Christmas.

There is an open garden on November 5 at 249 Timbarra road that we are going to

Hope the weather stays fine.

We are also having a teaching day November 15. Keep an eye on the Tenterfield Star ‘What’s On’ for details. 


Put tulips or any bulbs in the fridge or crisper for 6-8weeks before planting they seem to perform better


For daphne azalea and butterfly plant cut with secateurs. Make a slanted cut, choose a strong branch, take leaves off lay in fine soil and cover not too deep. Don't over water. You will see new shoots start to grow, good luck.

Shirley Bowman Lewis, Tenterfield Horticultural Society publicity officer 0419624504