River of Life: A perfect picture of trust

As I write this article, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to look after an eight-week-old blue heeler puppy overnight.

Like a great many other Australians, I have always loved blue heelers. I reckon they are as Australian as meat pies, stubbies – shorts and beers – the blue singlet, beaches and the outback.

As I write, I am watching one of my children nurse this little blue heeler whose name is Molly.

This pup has never seen us before in its life, yet there it lays in the arms of my daughter sound asleep.

It is a beautiful picture of a little pup who obviously feels very safe and secure in the arms of my daughter.

As I gaze upon this scene, I feel very moved by the trust from the puppy and the love of my child for a puppy that will be at our home for no more than 14 hours.

A favourite Bible passage for many people comes from Proverbs chapter 3 verses 5-6.

Here the writer of Proverbs pens a beautiful idea of trust.

This idea centres around trusting God with your whole being, always being prepared to allow God to lead you and guide you in all situations which will bring you onto “straight paths”.

This straight path is not the “easy road” idea but rather an idea that God provides a path that is secure and strong for us to travel on throughout this journey of life, and indeed into eternal life.

Little Molly, our overnight visitor, has given me a great deal to think about when it comes to my personal trust in God.

Molly’s decision to trust my daughter so quickly in some ways embarrasses me in my faith. I believe I have so much evidence and proof of God’s love for me yet I can still have my doubts.

In this picture of trust before me now, I see no doubt in the love my daughter has for this pup and the love and trust this pup has for my daughter.

My conclusion is to think this overnight stay was given to me as a gift from God to further consider Proverbs 3:5-6. Perhaps this is also so you can further consider the meaning of Proverbs 3:5-6.

One thing is for sure, I am not looking forward to the sad faces of our children when little Molly heads off to her new home tomorrow.

Hughie McCowen, Christ Church Anglican, Tenterfield