Melbourne Cup 2017: The fashionistas

From reality TV winners to Australian Olympic gold medal winners, Flemington is the ideal spot for some celebrity spotting.

And they are as far removed from the high-vis and lycra as you could imagine.

Among the “names” are Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, a guest of Myer and the VRC. 

Dutch model Lara Stone is with Emirates and the VRC.  Actresses Jane Seymour (Sensis) and Jessica McNamee (Kennedy) will be in the Birdcage, while the Judds will be guests of Myer.

And as we know from Jean Shrimpton to Paris Hilton, the Melbourne Cup Carnival has attracted some of the world's greatest fashionistas, each leaving their indelible mark in the field at Flemington.

This year, no surprise, is no exception.