Armidale's Neville's Store burgers gain national attention

THE NATION is flipping out over a corner store burger that’s got more beef than Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

In the northern NSW city of Armidale, husband and wife duo Dave and Tracey Kollosche run Neville’s Store.

It’s a joint that boasts the atmosphere of a typical 70s-style milk bar – with a twist.

They’ve got the “craziest” burgers in the country, according to one commercial news program.

The pair were contacted by a filmmaker earlier this week, who couldn’t wait to report where to find the best “burger with the lot”.

Now, thousands of Aussies want a bite.

“It’s a huge honour, I couldn’t believe it when it happened,” Dave told Fairfax Media just days after the feature article was published.

Crisp white buns jammed with fresh double beef and layered with melted cheese.

Juicy chicken patties coated in Doritos and liquid American cheese with double meat, bacon, pickles and a homemade chilli jam.

There’s a burger for every taste and every occasion.

But the burger that started it all was The Big Nev – named in honour of the store’s previous owner, Neville.

“I wanted to break away from traditional burgers and started with the Big Nev to see how people would take it,” Dave said.

“I made the Big Nev in three versions including The Workman’s Burger which has bacon and egg, The Mini Nev and The Big Nev.

“It took off from there and people really liked it so I continued to The Americano, The Fully Loaded, The Trio and The Baarbarian.”

For this year’s State of Origin Dave released The Origin Beast – three massive meat patties, six slices of cheese, eight streaky maple bacon slices, onion relish, pickles and tomato and aioli sauce.

And then during the United States presidential election Dave brought out The Hillary and The Trump.

“People loved the Hillary so much I left it on the menu,” he said.

For inspiration, Dave and Tracey travel the country tasting the latest burger craze.

“I went to Brisbane Burger Fest and tried out a whole heaps of burgers,” he said.

“To be brutally honest with you I don’t think they really had much more than what I’m doing.

“It’s about choosing the right mince mixtures and the right fat content to meat ratio to get a nice evenly cooked patty.”

As for the secret ingredient?

“The main ingredient we add is salt and pepper,” Dave said.

“I’m always thinking about new ideas for burgers.”

The next big creation will be inspired by the local university colleges.

BEST BURGERS: Neville's store owners Dave and Tracey Kollosche are gaining national attention for their big burgers. Photo: Rachel Baxter.

BEST BURGERS: Neville's store owners Dave and Tracey Kollosche are gaining national attention for their big burgers. Photo: Rachel Baxter.

“We’ve always sponsored Rob College and all the colleges around here,” he said.

“So I’ll probably come out with an Albies burger and a Rob burger.

“Rob College is rural so I’m thinking steak … let’s go a steak and I’ve got some ideas for marinating the steak.

“I’m thinking as for Albies it’s going to be some sort of chicken.”

Dave’s passion for food started in school.

“I wanted to be a chef, I did all the courses and did work placement in the industry and absolutely hated it,” he said.

“I found when I worked for Neville, being a short order cook, it just suited me straight away.”

“I really get inspired making a new burger and watching people eat it in the shop.

“I haven’t seen anybody not finish one of my burgers.”

I haven’t seen anybody not finish one of my burgers.

Dave Kollosche

Aside from being the country’s newest burger icon, Neville’s Store was the perfect place for a meet cute many years ago.

“Tracey and I met here,” Dave said.

“She lived across the road and oneday I walked in and Neville had hired her.”

And the rest is history.

“We’ve had three kids while we’ve been at the shop,” he said.

The duo have been building the burger business since 2006 and while sometimes it can be difficult to run the shop and take care of the kids – Dave and Tracey wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I just love it, I really love thinking up new burgers,” he said.

For more mouthwatering burgers visit their Facebook page.