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Skyla Wagstaff.

Skyla Wagstaff.

Your age and experience in politics?

“I’m 46

“NSW Central Coast Council election, Sep, 17 and Gosford State By-election April 17.” 

What is your heritage and citizenship status?

“I am Australian born along with my parents and grandparents with ancestors going back to forcibly transported convicts. This heritage may explain my rebellious spirit that questions injustice.”

Why are you running?

“I’m running to give a voice to the people in the New England who have valid concerns about animals, our environment and a healthy and sustainable future for all generations. I know that there are many people in New England that welcome the opportunity to vote for a party that stands in complete contrast to the cruel and abusive animal trades that Mr Joyce has supported and expanded.”

Every vote for me counts to show the other parties that people want real change for animals, the environment and to build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Skyla Wagstaff on why people should vote for her

What are the top three issues the electorate is facing?

“Better funding for the education of rural children. Unethical and industry driven government decision makers, and the current destruction of our lands, water (including ground water) and all animal species which are being sold out to corporate greed. New Englanders, like all Australians, are demanding a real change in how our politicians do business. They are not our masters, they are our servants.”

Why should people vote for you?

“Every vote for me counts to show the other parties that people want real change for animals, the environment and to build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. A vote for me and the AJP sends a clear message to politicians and their parties that the way we treat animals is important to the Australian voting public.”

Our survey has found renewable energy to be a big concern in the region, what are policies around renewable energy?

“AJP has clear Key Objectives surrounding renewable energy including rapid transform to a carbon free energy infrastructure, prohibiting any fossil fuel expansion, and a carbon tax on both the coal and animal agriculture industries to pay for clean energy solutions, sustainable plant-based food agriculture systems, education, and the protection of existing forests and marine habitats.”

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How do you propose to bring more jobs to the electorate?

“Health and community services are important economic growth areas. I would work to attract more funding for schools, hospitals and community services. The future for agriculture is sustainable plant based products which will create long term and healthy employment. It is also better for the environment and human health. An increased focus on tourism and marketing a clean and green environment also provides a wide range of employment opportunities.”

What is your view of the NBN?

“The government has failed miserably to deliver a 21st century NBN service to New England. Apart from Armidale receiving a rollout, everyone else will do no better than copper to the node technology, which is completely inadequate as we rely more on communication technologies.

“Farmers, small businesses, schools and health services all need access to decent, reliable speeds and bandwidth.”

Where do you stand on the balance between the region's mining and agriculture industries?

“I stand for people who want a sustainable future for Australian generations to come. There are endless possibilities for Australian plant based farming that is backed by science and offer intelligent and prosperous solutions for both environmental health and human health.”

This story MEET THE CANDIDATE: Skyla Wagstaff first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.