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Donald Cranney.
Donald Cranney.

Your age and experience in politics?

I am 72 years old and have never run in politics.

What is your heritage and citizenship status?

My family came over from Ireland in 1860’s due to the potato famine and my father was born in the Royal Hotel in Goondiwindi in 1897 so my citizenship is Australian.

Why are you running?

I would like to speak a vision out that I have to help Australian farmers.

What are the top three issues the electorate is facing?

The New England Electorate has been neglected for too long with towns struggling with empty shops

Australian farmers are the most efficient producers in the world but they are at the mercy of the buyer and food imports. We need to help the farmers by introducing a superphosphate subsidy that will revitalise the soils in this region and subsidise exclusion fencing to protect defenceless animals. If the farmers can have a bit of support they will be able to employ more people and this will revitalise rural towns and schools.

The current government is trying to pass gay and lesbian marriage act without any safeguards for religions. This is neglecting people’s rights given by the United Nations of free speech and freedom of religion. Is this country going to be blessed by doing this? Please check Rise Up Australia’s policy on this issue. 

Why should people vote for you?

New England has been neglected for too long and despite the production of this area, the money made here is spent down on the coast.  We need a voice in parliament to stand up for the rights of this area and bring change that is productive for this area.

Our survey has found renewable energy to be a big concern in the region, what are policies around renewable energy?

Energy is like a working glove.  If you cut four fingers off and concentrate on one then the other fingers will get cold. Renewables are an essential component to the energy crisis and 90% of our electricity on our farm comes from Solar Power.  I would strongly recommend that everyone installs Solar Power on their houses. Renewables need to form a major component of the energy provided but we should keep traditional forms of energy until the rapidly developing technology associated with renewables make it efficient enough to phase out traditional forms.

How do you propose to bring more jobs to the electorate?

By supporting farmers. Currently too many farmers are working in towns to gain off farm income to support their farm. If they could have a more reliable income and know at the farm gate what price they are going to get for their produce they could work on their farm and create more jobs in the towns.  If every farmer could employ one more person there would be a huge increase in employment in this electorate and growth in the towns. We want to modernise the selling methods so farmers have an option of selling their products directly overseas through a trade centre and make use of the free trade agreements with Asia.

What is your view of the NBN?

Great concept that has been severely mismanaged by government causing it to run over budget. It creates a monopoly and prevents new and better technology from being implemented

Where do you stand on the balance between the region's mining and agriculture industries?

The priority should be to produce food for a starving world. We should not destroy fertile farming country for coal. You can’t eat coal or gas.

This story MEET THE CANDIDATE: Donald Cranney first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.