Barnaby Joyce claims he is being stalked following a heated encounter at a New England pub

Barnaby Joyce.
Barnaby Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce said he is being stalked, after an incident on the campaign trail, and won’t deny flicking a man’s hat off during a heated encounter in a New England pub.

Fairfax Media can reveal the Nationals’ candidate was confronted in the Graman Hotel near Inverell on Monday night and questioned about family matters.

When questioned by Fairfax Media on Tuesday morning, Mr Joyce won’t deny he flicked the man’s hat off his head during the confrontation, but said his “private life is private”.

“We’ve had death threats and now we’ve got stalkers,” Mr Joyce said.

“The campaign is becoming dirty and people are sending people around to stalk you.

“That’s disappointing, you know.

“I’ll be frank, they’re not coming from the Labor party, they’re coming from other people.

“We had a discussion but I mean, I’m not going to go into it because there’s a whole lot of issues behind that individual.

“He’s been basically pursuing me, and not just there.”

He’s been basically pursuing me, and not just there.

Barnaby Joyce

“I’m going to keep my private issues private,” he said.

Mr Joyce’s office have referred the man to the Australian Federal Police.

Fairfax Media is trying to seek comment from police.

More to come.

The Glen Innes Examiner’s Steve Evans asked Barnaby Joyce how he reacted to death threats, here’s his answer.

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