Club leaders take on triples

Wednesday mixed bowls became a presidential affair when the blind draw saw club president Jim Bennett teamed up with Ladies president Rita Kling and Alan Crocos in a triples game against Arnold Harvey, Del Gilmour and Joy Bailey.

Rita congratulating Jim after the game.

Rita congratulating Jim after the game.

Jim is a novice bowler but showed that he was no slouch by drawing a close toucher in the ditch which is an unbeatable bowl.

Once the jack was pushed into the ditch by Jim’s bowl, Jim’s bowl remains alive whilst any other bowls played into the ditch are considered “dead” and must be removed, so Jim’s bowl is virtually unbeatable.

While Jim was not sure what the fuss was about, team mates Rita and Alan were ecstatic and loudly applauded a great bowl. That bowl won the end for Rita’s team and enabled them to go on to a resounding win.

“The Wednesday mixed bowls has been so much fun this year and that fantastic shot just caps off a great year of bowls. I’m very happy that our bowlers are having so much fun on the greens,” Rita said.