Deepwater Cup a huge success

Last year’s Deepwater Cup was a huge success and the 2018 event followed suit with a massive crowd turning out for the running of the annual races. Around 3000 people made their way to the track for the 151st running of the Deepwater Cup.

NUMBER BOOST: A huge crowed turned out for the Deepwater Cup.

NUMBER BOOST: A huge crowed turned out for the Deepwater Cup.

Jockey Club secretary Tricia Stack said figures were up from previous years with only last year’s event for the 150th anniversary seeing a higher number of punters entering the racecourse. 

“3000 for the crowd, it was a very good day - a 30 degree day with a cool breeze so it wasn't dreadfully hot because a lot of other places were,” she said. 

“Our normal figures were around 2500 to 2700. We knew we wouldn't get 4000 again this year after the 150th being so good but all the workers said the crowd of 3000 was perfect, just the right size.”

Stack said there was more options for youngsters which coincided with a growth in the number of families who came along to the Cup. 

“I think a few more families this time than what I have noticed other years,” she said. 

“There was a junior section in the fashions on the field and we had a fairy floss lady this time too so maybe it is going back to the way it was in the old days when it was a family outing. We had kebabs for the very first time and woodfire pizza as well and the usual ones we have from the Lions and the hospital.”

For many racegoers it’s more about the off-the-track social side than the racing. 

Stack said this year was no different. 

“We did notice when the race is on there was still a whole heap of young people who don't take any notice of the races at all,” she said. 

“They were here for the social gathering of mates.”

Clean up duty after an event as big as the Cup is a job no one would envy but Stack credited Glen Innes Severn Council with helping reduce the amount of waste left on the ground. 

“I could say thank you to the council because they provided us with 20 red bins and 20 yellow bins and that was what made it a lot easier this time too because we could control the recycling and the rubbish a lot easier,” she said. 

“A lot of people commented there was less rubbish on the ground.”

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