Gardening: Flowers battle the heat

In bloom: A cold climate hibiscus Luna Pink swirl deciduous.

In bloom: A cold climate hibiscus Luna Pink swirl deciduous.

Tenterfield Horticultural Society had its last meeting for 2017 at John and Elma Reading’s home in Bulmer Street.

Their garden is beautiful and looks like a park. Many trees are in flower and there is a beautiful water feature.

The Readings are hoping to have an open garden in the near future – the society will keep you posted on that.

The weather is all over the place – dry, some good rain in December and it has been hot.

Some veggies and flowers have not flourished very well or have died from the heat.

Dahlias have flowered early this year. We hope they last for our Dahlia and Cut Flower Show on Saturday, February 24 at the RSL Hall Tenterfield at 12 noon to 4pm.

We have floriculture showing at the P/A Show at the flower pavilion near the entrance.

Hopefully it’s not too hot, or the flowers won’t survive for long.

Displays will be Friday and Saturday only. There will be a trading table and plants for sale.

We also have a great show of bonsai plants that Nelly Crawley and the bonsai girls put together – we wish we had a bonsai teacher in Tenterfield.

Their work and presentation are great.

Barrington and Elaine Chee have given 30 years of service judging at the society’s shows. They have decided to retire this year.

We will be sending them a letter of recognition for their support and time which is much appreciated and special thanks from all of us.

- Shirley Bowman

Picking your dahlias

The best time to pick blooms is early morning while they are very fresh.

Take a container filled with water to the plant and when you cut the blooms, put them into the water ASAP.

If you cannot do this, re-cut the stem by taking off about 10mm and make sure the cut is at an angle. This allows the free uptake of water.

By cutting the stem square, the stem may sit flat on the bottom of the container restricting the uptake of water which reduces the life of the bloom.

A couple of drops of bleach is ideal in the vase you are displaying your blooms.

To get the best results, maintain a dead-heading program which will ensure the dahlias will bloom for a long time.

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