Tenterfield: tell us about their local coffee

Cappuccino? Flat White? Latte? Skim Milk? Soy Milk? Almond Milk? Doesn't matter how you take it, everyone has an opinion on coffee. 

We asked and you delivered Tenterfield.

We asked you where the best coffee in town is available. Almost 200 of you responded with your 44 favourite spots to pick up a cup of ‘joe. 

Some people believe their coffee is best when they make it in their kitchen, we’ll take your word for it, but we have left it out of the list in the interest of privacy.

There is nothing scientific about this poll, it is purely reader based, we want to know your opinion! 

There is one vote per person per week. 

So vote in the poll and let us know where YOUR favourite coffee spot is! It’d be rude to keep it a secret!