Mark Langley is back in his home region

Well-renowned Australian horse trainer Mark Langley is heading back to the region for his third Armidale clinic. 

On March 17 and 18 Langley will conduct a two-day clinic east of Armidale after two successful and popular clinics in 2017. 

Langley’s methods are simple and follow his philosophy of helping horses gain confidence. 

“There are so many horses across all disciplines that are carrying worry and emotional tension which inevitably spills out into their performance and which causes a disconnection between horse and handler,” he said.

“Much of this tension has been caused by the way people have presented education and guidance to their horses. 

“Gaining and guiding a horse’s calm focus is one of the biggest things that I want people to understand.”

Langley said he caps his numbers for clinics, preferring to give a more direct focus on people and horses. 

His methods are more along the lines of tips and tools and are individualised to what suits horse and rider, ensuring participants aren’t left feeling frazzled at what they have learned. 

“I only take 10 riders on a clinic and I make sure that I work with each rider individually twice a day over the weekend,” he said.

“I do not teach a step by step method, but an approach to horsemanship which gives a guiding structure for how and why to go about things.

“I love teaching and I love helping. I am in this industry to help horses have a better deal.”

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