Glen Innes and Tenterfield Shows clash

Andrew Hancock.
Andrew Hancock.

There’s been a wrangle between the organisers of the shows in Tenterfield and Glen Innes over their timing.

Both start this Friday and run until Sunday but some in Glen Innes are complaining that having the two together makes no sense.

Glen Innes Show Society President, Andrew Hancock, said: “It’s disappointing. It really is, but we have no control over their show”.

At the northern end of the issue, Tenterfield committee member, Kim Rhodes, said: “We always have this weekend in February.

“We have tried to work with the Glen Innes committee as best we could to try to make sure we weren’t clashing.”

The simultaneous timing of the two shows means that Glen Innes has ceded at least one event – the chainsaw  competition – to Tenterfield.

The clash arises because Easter is early this year and the rule is that both shows have to happen before Easter when the Royal Show takes place in Sydney. 

On top of that, the Tenterfield Show tries not to clash with shows in nearby southern Queensland, particularly Stanthorpe. It looks north as well as south.

But that means a clash with Glen Innes this year. One prominent participant in the Glen Innes Show said: “It’s ridiculous”.

“We all need to support each other, not compete with each other. It is just dumb planning, you just wouldn't do it.”

Glen Innes Show Society President, Andrew Hancock, talks about the 150th anniversary of the show's founding.

But the committee members in Tenterfield and Glen Innes were more phlegmatic. 

Andrew Hancock said they were both bound by the rules of the Agricultural Societies Council which determines timings. 

And Tenterfield’s Kim Rhodes said that the two shows had instituted a novel arrangement this year in that people who bought special tickets by the end of Thursday at one show could use them on the Sunday in the other.

“Who wants to go to the same show three days in a row,” she asked. Her suggestion is to go to the Glen Innes Show and the Tenterfield Show.

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