River of Life:

Revelation Part 1

Shalom, dear Tenterfield friends... (i.e. be safe in mind and body; May peace abound toward you internally and with whomsoever you engage externally as well).

I haven’t been well lately and my good friend Rob McBurney has been sending me SMS messages every day.

I have so much appreciated his encouragement. It’s inspired me to begin sending daily messages to my own family.

Today’s message just happens to concern the world’s most controversial and misunderstood book, the Book of Revelation.

Here’s a summary of what I shared: “Having wrestled with God for over 30 years to get a handle on the mysteries surrounding this book (the last book of the Bible) God finally opened my eyes.

“This doesn’t mean I now understand every little aspect of Revelation (that’s still a work in progress); but it has brought the Bible to life for me, for it ‘pigeon holes’ many otherwise unexplainable aspects of scripture and also helps to put perspective upon many disturbing current events.

“Revelation contains 22 chapters. The key verse that unlocks its mysteries is chapter 1v19. Jesus tells the Apostle John to do three things. 1. Write the things he has seen; that’s chapter 1. It includes a description of Jesus in His glorified risen state. I wouldn’t suggest anyone should mess with this dude!

“2. Secondly He said, ‘Write the things which exist presently’; this becomes chapters 2 and 3. It speaks of the historical church era through seven fascinating short letters.

“Historically the church era began supernaturally 10 days after Christ ascended bodily into heaven. It was the Jewish Feast Day of Pentecost. (Read Acts chapter 2 to see what happened.)

“The church era will end supernaturally on the day Jesus descends in the clouds to receive His faithful in the air and take them home to glory. (Read 1 Thessalonians 4v13 onwards and also 1 Corinthians 15v7 onwards).

“This event has always been the hope of all believers in Christ!

“3. Jesus then tells John to write down what will happen ‘hereafter’; i.e. what will happen in the future once the church has disappeared from the earth.”

But because of limited space, that’s where we’ll have to leave it until next week.

Jim Seymour is the pastor at Tenterfield Presbyterian Church. Find out more at www.tp4c.org.au