10 unique Barnaby Joyce stories

It’s been a tumultuous period for Member for New England Barnaby Joyce, his lover Vikki Campion and his family. 

Earlier this month the politician was “outed” as having an affair with his former staffer and expecting a baby in mid-April. 

Throughout this period we’ve been thinking about Joyce’s political career and  we put together a list of the 10 most Barnaby things we’ve seen. 

He’s is a one-of-a-kind politician, let’s celebrate his Joyce-ous personality.

1. The Big Entrance

Showing up to Parliament House in a tractor (2005).

Back in his senator years in Queensland, Joyce showed up to parliament house in a tractor to promote eating Australian fresh and frozen produce. 

2. The War on Dogs

Taking on an international superstar over two miniature dogs

The story in short: The Pirates of the Caribbean star apparently landed his private jet back in Queensland, the customs forms were incorrectly signed as not declaring anything like the two Yorkshire terriers, Boo Boo and Pistol, being on board and entering the country either, and they were only collared when they went off to a dog grooming salon. 

3. The Wordy Exchange

In relation to the dog saga was Barnaby and Kyle Sandilands’ very public fight (where words were exchanged)

Sandilands unleashed a torrent of abuse on Mr Joyce in an interview, calling him “an insensitive wanker”, “a disgrace” and a “gerbil of a thing” on air, after the minister had previously threatened to have Depp’s Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo destroyed after they were brought illegally into Australia.


When asked about the state of the waterways during Question Time in May 2016, the Minister for Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister repeatedly shouted CARP and calling the fish “disgusting mud-sucking creatures.” 

To get the full effect watch the video below, the climax is 1 minute 39.

5. The Walking Senator

When he was representing Queensland in the Senate, Barnaby Joyce crossed the floor 19 times. This was during the Howard Government, when Mr Joyce was the National Party’s Senate Leader. 

He crossed the floor on numerous issues, until he was elected into the lower house and given a ministerial role. Ministers are unable to disagree with party line therefore cannot cross the floor. 

Joyce’s changing mind also earned him some nicknames in the senate. During July 2005 the then-senator was against the sale of Telstra. The next month, Mr Joyce changed his mind and backed the coalition’s sale of Telstra causing him to be named “Back-down Barney” and “Barney Rubble.” 

6. The Unknown Kiwi

In August 2017 Joyce announced he was officially a dual citizen of New Zealand making him ineligible to stand for parliament. 

The deputy prime minister was forced to stand down as the Member for New England and other portfoilios due to the dual citizenship. He was one of the seven initial dual citizenship politicians. The ensuing race was the biggest New England had seen with 14 candidates running for the seat.

7. The Bouncer 

Joyce, well known for his love of beer and pub banter, was once a bouncer at the Wickalow Hotel in Armidale.

Years later, in the same region, he was under fire for a “barney” at a pub near Inverell. 

8. The Gina Incident

Joyce’s friendship with mining millionaire magnet Gina Rinehart has long come under fire but none so much as when she awarded him $40,000 for the inaugural “National Agricultural Related Industries Prize” during the by-election campaign in 2017. Joyce accepted the donation, but quickly returned after discussing the money with advisors. 

9. The Affair

After years of speaking out against same-sex marriage and quoting the sanctity of marriage, when it came to the vote, Joyce opted out of voting and announced his separation from his wife

Just three months later The Daily Telegraph revealed Joyce was having a love child with his ex-staffer. 

10. ….and this 

This story 10 most Barnaby things to ever happen to Barnaby Joyce first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.