Active Kids vouchers to get kids into sport

A $100 voucher is available for NSW kids to participate in an organised sport or activity.
A $100 voucher is available for NSW kids to participate in an organised sport or activity.

More than 3750 students in MP Thomas George’s Lismore electorate have already registered for the Active Kids Program in just the first two weeks of the program.

Mr George said he was thrilled that parents were using the opportunity to download their $100 voucher to cover the cost of sports and active recreation fees.

“Active Kids is all about helping families afford this year’s sport and other fitness activity fees and getting kids moving and remove barriers to playing sport,” he said.

“We know the cost of kids sport and activities can really add up, especially for families with multiple children playing different sports.”

Mr George said the electorate is seeing strong numbers in voucher redemptions for soccer, netball, rugby league and rugby union.

“We want to see that continue across all sports in our community,” he said.

Active Kids will contribute $100 for every child towards the cost of sports registration, membership expenses and fees for physical activities such as swimming, dance lessons and athletics.

Parents can register online with Service NSW to receive their $100 voucher, which is then provided to their approved sport or physical activity club or organisation. Vouchers can’t be applied to individual items like jerseys, socks or boots.

Parents have until December 31 this year to claim and use their voucher at or by phoning Service NSW on 13 77 88. Eligible children are those who reside in NSW with a valid Australian Medicare card, aged between 4.5 and 18 years, and enrolled in school.

Tenterfield District Cricket Association and Tenterfield Junior Cricket Association, Tenterfield Pony Club, Tenterfield Junior Soccer Club and Tenterfield Swimming Club are all current registered Active Kids providers, with other junior sports groups encouraged to register as a provider from March 1.