River of Life: Message must not be forgotten

Revelation on the Book of Revelation Part 2

Shalom once again. Today’s River of Life becomes part 2 of the message I sent to my family last week via SMS. I send one every day!

The message I’m speaking about in this four-part series is my revelation… on the Book of Revelation.

Last week we ended with the third thing Jesus wanted the Apostle John to do; and that was to write down the things which were going to happen “hereafter”, i.e. after the removal of the church from earth so “the saved” can dwell in “the many mansions” of our heavenly father’s house (Gospel of John chapter 14).

Revelation chapter 4 begins with the command of God to “Come up here!”. Chapters 4 and 5 depict the church, “those redeemed from the earth” in heaven with Jesus. Christ’s authority, allowing Him to do what He is about to do on earth is explained!

Chapters 6 through 18 describe events on earth ending with God’s seven bowls of wrath being poured out.

No human will want to be on earth during this time; yet many of those who dwell here continue to curse God instead of calling for His mercy!

A message for the generations

This is why I believe the words Jesus spoke in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 19 continue to reverberate throughout every generation, for He wants every generation to be ready for His return and not be left behind.

Jesus said: “Don’t prevent the little children from coming unto me.” If we prevent them, our children won’t be ready; nor will their children have any knowledge of the Lord’s impending return thereby allowing them to choose Christ’s safety through faith or, to choose otherwise.

With future generations having no knowledge of the Lord’s plan of salvation, together with the world collapsing around them, as well as the inevitably of that dreadful day of the Lord’s second coming upon them, many might well cry out, “Why weren’t we told about Jesus?”.

As for me, I would not want that failure to appear on my parental resume!

We’ll continue my revelation of the Book of Revelation next week.

Jim Seymour, is the pastor at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church Tenterfield, www.tp4c.org.au