2018 Tenterfield Show results

Annabel Roffey and Bridie Makejev check out the junior art entries.
Annabel Roffey and Bridie Makejev check out the junior art entries.


The junior art section is always a popular dropping-in point at the show.

The junior art section is always a popular dropping-in point at the show.

Judge:  Peter Champion

Category 1 OUTDOOR SCENE – landscape, seascape or similar.  Any medium: 1. Anni Washington ‘New England – Line + Pattern; 2. Raylee Delaney ‘She was a Good Cook’

Category 2  FIGURATIVE – people, animal or similar.  Any medium: 1. Judy Harris ‘Stretching’; 2. Rebecca Conduit ‘Maggies’; HC Meaghan Weidemann ‘Digger’; HC Meaghan Weidemann ‘Farmer’.

Category 3 STILL LIFE – also includes interiors, inanimate objects, botanical or similar.  Any medium:  1. Yvonne Cooper ‘Clematis’; 2.Rebecca Conduit ‘Green Table’; HC Nola Sindel ‘Rose, Just Joey; HC Rebecca Berrett ‘Time Waits for No One’

Category 4 ABSTRACT/CONTEMPORARY – any medium: 1.  Margaret Dowe ’Gumtree Dilemma’; 2. Sue Jurd ‘Cosmic II’

Category 5 DRAWING (where mixed pigments are not the dominant means of expression) - any subject: 1.  Meaghan Weidemann ‘Miner’; 2. Rebecca Berrett ‘Tawny Frogmouth Pair’  Very good use of materials like wash and colour.  Your eye

Category 6 NOVICE – for artists who have not won a prize at the Tenterfield Show.  Any medium: 1.  Meaghan Weidemann ‘Wilfe & Robyn’; 2. Carmel Higgins ‘Camellia Bud’.

Category 7 Ceramics: 1. Janet White ‘Stoneware, wheel thrown, leaf pattern’; 2.Maryke Miller ‘Wheel thrown teapot’

Category 8  Indigenous: 1. Bruce McIntosh ‘Hunting Bandaarr’

Category 9 ‘All Geared Up’: 1. Del Nichols ‘Humming Bird’; 2. Meaghan Weidemann ‘Bobby Akubra’

CHAMPION – BEST WORK OF THE SHOW: Judy Harris ‘Stretching’ (winner of the FIGURATIVE section)


Section 1: Preschool & Kindergarten:  1. Kayden Graham Baker (Tenterfield Preschool); 2. Imogen Hay (Tenterfield Pre-School); Special Awards, Ethan Daley: Highly Commended – Grace Wilson (TCCC), Ceanna Cochrane (TSHPPS); Koe Asmos (TSHPPS); Jaxon Moore (St Joseph’s); Mikki Morrow (Tenterfield Preschool); Elsie Palfreyman (Tenterfield Preschool); Ferlicity McDonald (Tenterfield Preschool); Lucia Bourke (Tenterfield Preschool).

Section 2: Year 1 & 2: 1. Corben Smith (Drake Public School); 2. April van Dyk (Drake Public School); Special Award – Justice Davies (Ross Hill Public); Highly Commended – Derek Cox (Drake Public School), Ned Campbell (TSHPPS), Sienna Tatton (St Joseph’s).

Section 3:  Year 3 & 4: 1. Zoe Jackson (Jennings Public School); 2. Daine Laurie (Drake Public School); Highly Commended – Chloee Edington (Drake Public School), Natasha O’Brien (TSHPPS), Dakota Crotty (St Joseph’s), DJ Halliday (Jennings Public), Edward Palfreyman (St Joseph’s).

Section 4: Years 5 & 6: 1. Isla Cox (Drake Public School); 2. Bobby Trae-Serafim (Jennings Public); Highly Commended – Rhys Noppen (Drake Public School); Beth Phelps (TSHPPS), Satiri Clark (TSHPPS), Sebastian Browning (TSHPPS), Jolie (Mingoola Public), Shania Campbell (Private Entry).

Section 5:  Years 7 & 8:  1. Gracie Lee Dodd (Tenterfield High); 2. Heidi Aquilini (Private Entry), Highly Commended – Gracie Lee Dodd (Tenterfield High School), Breanna Chawner (Tenterfield High School), Breanner Chawner (Tenterfield High School).

Section 6:  Years 9 & 10:  1. Grace Butler (Tenterfield High); 2. Cassandra Baker (Tenterfield High); Highly Commended – Roshan Caldwell (Tenterfield High), Maddison Davey (Tenterfield High), Roshan Caldwell (Tenterfield High), Sam Gower (Tenterfield High).

Section 7:  Years 11 & 12:  1. Sonya Campbell (Tenterfield High); 2. Sarah Aquilini (Tenterfield High); Highly Commended – Sarah Aquilini (Tenterfield High).

Section 8:  Primary Indigenous:  1. Cody Ruth (Wallangarra State School); 2. Elle Mitchell (Drake Public) & Abby Churchill (Drake Public); Highly Commended – Harley Cox (Drake Public), Caitlin Petrie (Private Entry).

Section 9: High School Indigenous:  1. Tenterfield High School Indigenous Group; 2. Ayden Wilkinson (Private Entry); Highly Commended – Ruth Uwikunda (Tenterfield High), Tenterfield High School Indigenous Group.

Section 10: 3D Art: 1. Tenetti Spiller (Tenterfield High); 2. Luella Tomkins (Private Entry), Highly commended – Daniel Tomkins (Private Entry), Shekinah Tomkins (Private Entry).

Section 11:  Primary Group Project: 1. Drake Infants; 2. Drake Infants; Highly Commended, The Sir Henry Parkes Primary School A; The Sir Henry Parkes Primary School B, The Sir Henry Parkes Primary School C, St Joseph’s Primary, Drake Primary, Drake Primary.

Section 12:  “All Geared Up”: 1. Deacon Turner (Wallangarra State School); 2. Joseph Aitken (Wallangarra State School); Highly Commended – Akira Humphries (Wallangarra State School), Resandi Wijesekara (TSHPP).

GRAND CHAMPION:  Grace Butler (T’field High).