Little Miss Showgirls continue to line up for public speaking experience

Senior Showgirl contestants may have been scant at the Tenterfield Show this year but the younger categories continue to attract a strong contingent of competitors.

Coordinator Josie McIntyre said over her four years of running the Tiny Tots, Mini, Teen and Junior Miss Showgirl competitions she has witnessed the personal development in returning contenders as they climb the age categories, and she knows of at least one junior Miss Showgirl who intends to contest the senior crown next year.

“Every year it surprises me how many girls enter,” Ms McIntyre said.

“It’s great to see, and the girls look like they’re having a good time.”

This year the girls were introduced to judges Darren and Kelly Battistuzzi and 2016 Kyogle Miss Showgirl Shania Carter before facing some age-appropriate straightforward questions on stage. Questions ranged from what’s your favourite part of the show (for younger contestants) through to who is your role model and why for the junior category.

The girls had answered such questions on their entry forms so they weren’t too unexpected. What was new for some was the public speaking experience, but Ms McIntyre said she could feel girls relaxing even as their interviews went on.

“It was nothing too daunting, more of having a chat so they could show us what they’ve got.”

She said each contestant then got the opportunity to walk the catwalk and “have a bit of a twirl”. They went on to participant in the evening’s announcement of the winners, including the senior Miss Showgirl who this year is Keely Mooney.

Ms McIntyre said it was great to see that the showgirl competitions weren’t the only ones the girls participated in, with them also involved with art, barrel racing and other aspects of the show.

In fact she aims to shuffle around judging times for next year’s show to allow contestants more freedom to compete in other show competitions. She is also planning a prior workshop so the girls can practise some of the skills being judged and gain more from the experience.

While the junior competitions attract good fields, Ms McIntyre feels there are even more girls in the community who could benefit from and enjoy the opportunity, and she’s hoping to reach out to them as well.

“There’s no cost, and you can win some great prizes thanks to our generous sponsors,” she said.

“The girls love being involved. They get to wear a pretty dress, wave to mum from the stage and have a good time. Most importantly their confidence levels grow.”

The 2018 Tenterfield Show winners were:

Tiny Tots 

Runner Up: Shay Haakstad

Winner: Angela Tomkins 


Runner Up: Sage Haakstad

Winner: Beth Phelps 


Combined Runner Up: Bridie Makejev & Larissa George 

Winner: Indi Brown 


Runner Up: Hayley Carpenter

Winner: Leyla Campbell