Tenterfield Creek in focus this Cleanup Australia day

OzFish Unlimited members Jimmy Bennet and Mark Stuart get a head start on cleaning up Tenterfield Creek.
OzFish Unlimited members Jimmy Bennet and Mark Stuart get a head start on cleaning up Tenterfield Creek.

Did you know we have platypus living in the middle of town at several spots along Tenterfield Creek?

The diversity of animal, bird, reptile and insect life along the urban stretch of water, which has impressed visiting scientists, is a credit to Tenterfield Shire Council, according to OzFish Unlimited Tenterfield’s Mark Stuart. He and fellow OzFisher Jimmy Bennet are keen to maintain the waterway as a community asset, with a little help on Cleanup Australia Day this Sunday, March 4.

While OzFish Unlimited is encouraging all its members to take part on Cleanup Australia Day, it didn’t take much encouraging to get the local chapter involved. Mr Bennet said one of the organisation's primary goals is maintaining riparian zones, and he’s pretty proud of the state of the creek.

He does recall it being in an even better condition in his high school days, so he would love to give it a bit of help.

Both men are concerned with the lack of regard for where litter ends up, with rubbish washed down stormwater drains one of the biggest problems. Being at the top of the Murray-Darling catchment the creek boasts clear water, in contrast to the brown water often experienced downstream.

A healthy creek also means good fishing, with some sizeable cod caught a various points along its course including at the Molesworth St bridge and the Douglas St bridge.

“We’re fortunate to have this,” Mr Stuart said.

Volunteers for Cleanup Australia Day should gather in the Tenterfield Bowling Club car park near the Molesworth St bridge at 8am on Sunday, Gloves and collection bags will be provided. 

The cleanup is expected to continue down the creek until about noon, so those with limited time are encouraged to join in when they can.

Cleanup Day aside, everyone can do their bit in picking up rubbish (or not discarding it in the first place) to keep the creek the asset that it is.