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Revelation part 3

Shalom friends. Today’s River of Life continues with part 3 of the message sent to my family three weeks back via SMS.

Let me now continue my revelation on the Book of Revelation. I pray it will be a rich aid for all who choose to begin pondering this amazing book.

Chapters 17 and 18 describe in detail the collapse of that great city Babylon in just one hour (Babylon representing the economic system of the world; remember all the faithful members of the church will not be on earth when this occurs!).

Chapter 19 of Revelation depicts Jesus and His saints (i.e. the church) in heaven and preparing to return to earth (this is the second coming of Christ!). This event culminates in Armageddon whereby the nations of the world who have gathered to fight against Christ and His army are destroyed by what is described as “a sword proceeding from the mouth of Jesus”!

The anti-christ (portrayed as a “beast” and a “false prophet”; the false prophet most probably being a great religious leader) are bound and thrown into the lake of fire forever and ever.

Chapter 20 sees “satan” bound up in a bottomless pit for one thousand years. This is a time on earth when there will be no temptation!

It also ushers in the reign of Jesus Christ on earth (sitting upon the throne of David – His earthly and distant father).

The resurrected church, who are described in scripture as “being like angels” (hopefully that’s you and me?); we help Christ rule and reign with a rod of iron. Thank the Lord, we’ll be on the right side of history when that time arrives!

The judgement of the dead who were never faithful “to the Messiah which was to come” nor “faithful to the Messiah who has now come” are then judged at the great white throne following satan’s release to go forth and tempt the nations one last time.

This becomes the most tragic of human tales, for following 1000 years of Christ’s rule, satan still succeeds in tempting an innumerable number of people to once again fight against Jesus. They are destroyed and satan is thrown into the lake of fire.

Chapter 20 explains that there are two deaths. Only those who are safe in Jesus will never suffer the second and eternal death which is the lake of fire.

We’ll conclude this revelation of mine next week.

Jim Seymour www.tp4c.org.au