River of Life: History book of the future

Revelation Part 4

The entire Book of Revelation is supernatural. It was written down by the Apostle John, but as with the rest of scripture the words are God inspired.

In many ways, the Bible has proven to be an unusual history book telling of history in advance.

Over 300 Old Testament scriptures pointed to the birth of Christ well before it happened.

His birth is celebrated yearly all over the world and only a brave or foolish man would argue that the life of Jesus never took place.

With both Old and New Testaments containing over 2100 predictions of Christ’s second coming, I would encourage everyone not to scoff at the imminent return of Jesus.

Revelations Chapter 21 describes a huge and incredibly adorned city called “the new Jerusalem” descending out of heaven and settling on the earth.

With the earth restored to its original beauty and all sinfulness removed, God Himself, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” comes and lives on earth inside this city so that He might be “at one” with those redeemed and reconciled to Him.

It’s now that eternity begins!

Chapter 22 sees the Book come to an end. Jesus tells the Apostle John to instruct the churches to teach this message of “the Revelation of Jesus Christ”.

Sadly, churches throughout many generations have failed to do this. If they had taught what Jesus instructed without adding or subtracting what He told us about the future, the perception that the church is now inept, powerless, out of touch with society and therefore irrelevant would never have prevailed as it is today.

Of course this perception is not true.

The church may appear dead in Australia but the church worldwide is growing at unprecedented rates.

Although the butt of many jokes, the church in Australia continues to preach powerfully the message of the cross, thus delivering salvation to many, many Australians; including here in Tenterfield.

God promises a blessing to anyone who reads Revelation! The Bible begins in Genesis chapter 3 v 9 with man hiding as God asks, “Where are you Adam?”.

The Bible ends in Revelation Chapter 22 v 20 with man crying out in the hope he can find God, “Come Lord Jesus!”.

Seek God while He can yet be found!

Jim Seymour, pastor