Tenterfield Campdraft on this weekend

Last year's Tenterfield Campdraft.
Last year's Tenterfield Campdraft.

Campdrafting is returning to its home roots with the annual Tenterfield event on this weekend. 

Nearly 500 runs are set to grace the Showground in the maiden, novice, ladies, open, junior and juvenile events. 

Chief steward Peter Petty said while more is always better, the Show Society is happy to have competitors from over the border and around the region turn out for the annual event. 

“Probably about 450 runs over the weekend, no records broken but that's what we are doing. We will get up to about 500 with finals. A lot from Queensland and the local area, northern NSW and the Tablelands,” he said. 

To make it a true family affair, Tenterfield Pony Club will be running gymkhana events on Sunday. 

“The pony club will be having events for kids there on Sunday, a barrel race, flag race and bending race. That's when the junior and juvenile campdrafts are on so it is a good day for the kids and families,” Petty said. 

With the first official campdraft held in Tenterfield in 1885, the sport has a strong history in the region.

Throughout the warmer months there is a campdraft on throughout the region nearly every weekend. 

Petty said it is pretty handy to have so many locally and competition is fierce with some of the country’s best residing within the region. 

“Tenterfield is a really good area because we can do a lot of campdrafts within two or three hours away from every direction of the radar,” he said. 

“I would like to make a note and thank our cattle producers who continue to lend us cattle to hold these events.”