Barnaby Joyce calls on Prime Minister to improve ahead of elections next year

New England MP says Labor Party has ‘no vision’ for city

NEW England MP Barnaby Joyce says the Opposition ‘has no vision for Armidale’, making Coalition winning the next election imperative.

Earlier this week, the former deputy prime minister called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to pull his socks up before Christmas after the Liberal Leader’s 30th consecutive loss in the Newspoll survey. 

The poll figures, published in The Australian newspaper, showed Labor ahead of the Coalition at 52 per cent to 48 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

Mr Joyce said it was important for his electorate for the Coalition to secure the top spot in the next election.

“It’s really important we sell this upcoming Federal Budget, not only for New England but for the nation,” Mr Joyce told Fairfax Media.

“Because the Labor Party has no vision for Armidale except to move the APVMA out of Armidale and halve the money for water infrastructure, so it’s imperative the Coalition wins the next election.”

On Monday, Mr Joyce told Sky News that the Prime Minister is “not a fool”. 

He said Mr Turnbull knows if the government don’t turn the polls around by the end of the year, he would have to stand aside as leader.

“Nobody wants to actually go to a federal election which you know you’re going to lose,” he said. 

“You have an obligation to all around you that if you honestly believe that is the case, then you must do something about it and do the honourable thing and start grooming an alternative.

“Now we are a long, long way from that at the moment. But if I said ‘Oh well, no-one ever considers it, everything’s fine’ well that is also not telling the truth. The first thing you’ve got to be with the electorate is truthful.”

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