River of Life article: It turns out things are not as we thought!

The story goes a bit like this; nothing, without any intelligence became so dense that it eventually exploded into something called rocks.  One of these rocks turned into a living substance and this “simple cell” grew into plants, birds, monkeys and eventually human beings.

The science is settled we’re told, there is no God!  We’ve all descended from nothing without intelligence; and if you don’t believe that, then you’re stupid!  How special does that make you feel?

Well, not very special at all really.  But thanks for asking!

In 1963 this theory or more accurately, this “hypothesis” of evolution explaining where we’ve all come from began to unravel; and pseudo scientists, those that promote this “tall tale” have been ducking for cover ever since. You see, in 1963 Dr George Palade discovered there was more to the “simple cell” than first meets the eye. 

Since Palade’s discovery, scientific studies reveal that the “simple cell” is in fact a large microscopic city filled with super tiny machines (each depending upon the other) to replicate themselves automatically requiring thousands of different protein compounds to achieve this with each chain of compounds working with mathematical preciseness.

Consequently, the “simple cell” is now called “the single cell” for when we realise the incredible design and complexity of each and every cell, it becomes evident that no life is simple.

In fact “true science” is gradually killing the hypothesis of evolution leaving only one conclusion as to where we’ve all come from. 

But most of us are reluctant to consider the reality that a supernatural eternal and all intelligent God has created us.

For example, since DNA was discovered in the nucleus of all living cells science now calls DNA “the mysterious basis of all life”. 

The only problem with this conclusion is that no DNA exists inside our red blood cells which is exactly where God’s Bible tells us “the life of the flesh dwells.” (Old Testament Leviticus 17 v 11)

Allow me to invite everyone to the most important meeting you will ever attend. 

Geologist Dr John Mackay will be explaining the truth of where life began at the Presbyterian Hall Manners St. Tenterfield from 6pm July 18. Be warned, you may leave a different person!

Jim Seymour, Pastor, Tenterfield Presbyterian Family.