Regional Australia Bank’s innovative Community Partnership Program turns 10 and gives back more than $31,000 to Tenterfield

Regional Australia Bank has given more than $31,000 to the Tenterfield community to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Community Partnership Program.

This year’s community donations smashed the million dollar milestone for the first time, with a whopping total of $1,028,402.00. Now that’s something to celebrate.

The Tenterfield community certainly got into the spirit of things last Wednesday at the Tenterfield Commercial Boutique Hotel, with Regional Australia Bank awarding $31,429.78 to the local community at the Community Partnership presentations event.


This donation was divided amongst worthwhile organisations, including:-

Tenterfield Cancer Support

Tenterfield Cancer Support assists people living with cancer and other palliative diseases. They have been a part of the Community Partnership Program for nine years.

The donations they have received in the past have gone towards items such as mobility equipment, walkers and wheelchairs.

With this year’s donation, they are planning to buy a lifter which can be used to move a patient around their house.

President Jane Hynes called the local Regional Australia Bank staff “absolute champions” for all the assistance they have given her and her organization over the years.

Tenterfield Pre-School Kindergarten Inc Fundraising Account

The staff at Tenterfield Pre-School get to spend their donation on some really fun stuff for the kids.

In the seven years they have been participating in the Community Partnership Program, they have bought lots of new play blocks for the kids, trips to Darling Downs Zoo, and even some iPads.

With the donation they received last Wednesday, they have already put new sand in the sandpit, and put up new monkey bars and a flying fox. Way to go, kids!

Regional Australia Bank turns 50

Aside from celebrating 10 years of our Community Partnership Program, 2018 also represents the 50th anniversary of Regional Australia Bank.

The bank has contributed more than 2.5 million dollars to deserving community groups over the last few years through the Community Partnership Program.

Phil Williams, Regional Australia Bank Senior Branch Operations Manager, said: “We’re hugely proud of our ability to deliver social and environmental returns to our regional communities. We are passionate about giving back to our community and empowering our customers to support local community groups they feel strongly about.”

The Community Partnership Program allows new bank customers to open a transaction account, and at the same time pledge their support for a group or organization close to their heart.

Regional Australia Bank then calculates the average annual balance of all supporters’ accounts, and donates 1% of the total to the cause on the customers’ behalf – all without costing them a cent. 

With more and more people getting on board, the Community Partnership Program has continued to grow at over 30% per year ­– and provides invaluable donations to various local grass roots clubs and community groups.

“The Community Partnership Program is just one of the ways in which we assist our customers and communities,” Regional Australia Bank CEO Kevin Dupé said.

“Regional Australia Bank is proud to continue delivering the Community Support Program in 2018, enabling it to continue enhancing the quality of life and a strong sense of community for the regions it serves.

“Our customer owned structure means that not only do our clientele benefit from fairer fees, competitive interest rates and the local expertise, they also know they’re benefiting Regional Australia by helping it prosper and thrive.”

In addition to the Community Partnership Program, Regional Australia Bank also gives 5% of its net profits back to the community through sponsorships to local clubs and community organisations, as well as contributing to regional infrastructure projects. 

“The Community Partnership Program represents community activism at its best, and Regional Australia Bank Bank wants to thank all our loyal members. Because without your ongoing support, this invaluable donation scheme would not be able to thrive.”

Here’s to the next 50 years!

Community Partnership Beneficiaries

Tenterfield Cancer Support

Northern NSW Helicopter Rescue Service limited

Tenterfield Show Society Inc

Tenterfield Preschool Kindergarten Inc Fundraising Account

Tenterfield Community Care for Patients Committee Inc

Lions Club of Tenterfield Inc

Tenterfield Pony Club INC

Rotary Club of Tenterfield Incorporated

Tenterfield Physical Culture Club Incorporated

Tenterfield Total Care & Transport Inc

Sporting Shooters Association of Aust Tenterfield Branch Inc

Tenterfield Community College Incorporated

Ratepayers Association of Tenterfield Shire Inc

Leech's Gully Progress Association