Councillor Brian Murray urges more effort to carry on Robert Brush legacy.

Some forward-thinking on the part of our forebears has made Tenterfield the lovely place it is, and Cr Brian Murray would like to see that effort continued.
Some forward-thinking on the part of our forebears has made Tenterfield the lovely place it is, and Cr Brian Murray would like to see that effort continued.

There needs to be a plan in place to look after and even expand the legacy of tree-lined streets and other amenities which make Tenterfield a great place to live, according to Councillor Brian Murray, chair of council’s Parks, Gardens & Open Spaces Committee.

Cr Murray recently shared his vision with committee members and observers for the streets and parks of Tenterfield.


“One of the things that makes Tenterfield and indeed our whole shire such a point of difference to others in the New England, but even more so in the wider area, is that we’ve been receiving a dividend delivered by the foresight of people who lived before us, notably for example Mr Robert Brush”, Councillor Murray said.

“There have been many others as well, such as those who had the vision to ensure public parks, reserves and lands were set aside which allowed facilities such as showgrounds, halls, rotundas, commemorative monuments, beautiful walkways, children’s playgrounds, gardens, schools, churches and government buildings to adorn our community.

“With other pressing issues catching up with us over the last few decades, such as the maintenance and provision of hard infrastructure, we’ve largely been concentrating on those and perhaps spent less time and thought on why we love living here and why others come here and take photos of our tree-lined streets and parks; in autumn in particular.

Councillor Brian Murray.

Councillor Brian Murray.

“Recently the Chief Executive reviewed the accountabilities within council’s services and brought to council a report defining the need to support public amenity. What was obvious to myself and other councillors had been confirmed.

“We needed specialist and dedicated effort placed to ensure not only that our foresight of those before us was maintained, but we didn’t rest on our laurels and further develop what is a terrific legacy.

“Up until now there has been reasonable and well intentioned efforts by many, but unless we work from a high level strategy downwards we risk having a box of jigsaw pieces versus a collider scope of interconnected colour and magnitude.

“This committee has an opportunity, or maybe even a duty to those coming after us just like Robert Brush, to work together with the wider community to develop the vision, strategy, goals, programs and lastly, oversee the delivery of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

“Moreover, just like Robert Brush did when the main roads took different routes, we need to ensure that the avenues on either end of our towns are as inviting as they were in yesteryear.”

Mayor Peter Petty was very supportive of Cr Murray’s comments.

“Tenterfield and our whole shire is a great area to live,” he said.

“We need to ensure we pass on a great legacy to our children and those who choose to call Tenterfield home in the future.”