Tenterfield River of Life: Samaritan an example of acting on compassion

There is a story in the Bible told by Jesus, of a man who, while on a journey, was attacked by robbers and left for dead on the side of the road.

First a priest and then a Levite (also a priestly office) came across the man and did nothing to help him, walking past. These priests should have known better.

They had a role serving God and God requires love and compassion, but they were devoid of these humanitarian qualities.

Then a Samaritan, one of a hated race of people, who was on a journey, came across the man and was moved with compassion.

He helped the man, bound up his wounds and took him to an inn to be cared for until he returned.

He put his hand in his pocket and paid over and above what was needed to care for the injured man him until he returned.

What this story is telling us is that true love or compassion is love in action. It’s not just saying a few nice words, even though kind words are always helpful. It’s not even just praying for others. True compassion is compassion in action. 

Much of Australia is in drought.  Ninety-nine per cent of NSW is in drought, Queensland is not much better, the east coast of Australia including Victoria is in drought and some of Western Australia is also in drought.

Tenterfield is a farming community and is known as a very generous town.  Already we have raised funds of approximately $16,000 dollars at a recent trivia night. Other events are occurring in our town.

However, I am sure on a personal level we can all do a little more. 

Some suggestions for compassion in action: When you are shopping, you can buy an extra item or two and put it into the trolley in Coles or the trolley at Foodworks that is set up specifically for drought-stricken farmers.

You can make a donation in a number of cafes in town or at Laynees Children’s Shop.

If short of money, you can cash in your flybuys and buy a fuel voucher or food voucher or gift voucher to a certain amount. If your neighbour is an out-of-town farmer, you can offer to do their shopping for them when in town to save their fuel. 

Come on Tentefield, I believe in you and I am looking forward to the good news stories resultant from your generous love and compassion.

Pam Sammut

Pastor, Tenterfield Community Church