Tenterfield Shire Council and Salvation Army conducts second hay giveaway

Tenterfield’s second hay giveaway day at the showgrounds on Thursday, August 23 was just as popular as the first, if not more so.

Mayor Peter Petty said the end of the queue met him at Sexton and Green, but ultimately he thinks only a handful of vehicles left empty and he didn’t hear any derogatory comments.

There were no more donated small bales but one from the second shipment of 40 large bales of rhodes grass along with a dry lick block were loaded onto each vehicle, and many drivers stuck around for the free breakfast courtesy of the Salvation Army.

MP Thomas George spent an hour-and-a-half, chatting with the farmers to get a first-hand account of conditions. The former stock and station agent is well-acquainted with the challenges of life on the land, and is continuing to investigate more opportunities to relieve the feed shortage in the west of his electorate.